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The charism we have received through our Founder, Jean Baptiste Debrabant, is of divine origin and was given to us, not for our personal benefit, but for the good of others. Our Constitutions state that we have been entrusted with a share in the “unitive mission of Christ” and that “we are called to be at the heart of the world revealing God’s love”. (Art.1)  Our mission then, is to make visible God’s dream of a world united in love “Father, that they may be one” To empower our congregation to carry out this task, the Holy Spirit endowed Jean Baptist Debrabant with the special grace of our Holy Union charism. This precious gift, handed down to us from generation to generation, continues to empower us today as we try to enflesh Christ’s vision of unity in our beautiful but often fractured world. 

Holy Union charism is a gift to be shared for mission.  St Paul’s letters to the early Christians, and the teachings of Vatican II stress that all baptised persons are led by the Spirit to participate in the mission of Christ. The charism received by a religious congregation is not the exclusive prerogative of its vowed members, but is shared by those who have ties with that congregation, and feel called to share its mission. 

So, what is this gift, this dynamic impulse which has animated the life and mission of our community since its foundation in 1826?   Each one of us may have her or his own way of unwrapping the gift and reaching deep into the treasures it holds.  Holy Union speaks of communion, wholeness, inclusion, harmony in one’s relationships with God, with oneself, with others, and with the whole cosmos. It leads us straight into the heart of God himself, the Holy Trinity: three persons in one, interacting in a creative and self giving movement that flows out into the whole of creation. The bond that existed between Jesus and Mary from the moment of the Incarnation is also a Holy Union and a source of inspiration to us.  The mystery of the Incarnation itself is a Holy Union by which we are drawn into the life of God as he enters into human history making us the visible signs of his saving presence. 

Charism for mission is a dynamic reality, constantly unfolding before us as we read the signs of the times and search for new ways of incarnating Christ in our context.    New theological trends, influenced by modern physics and the new cosmology, open for us vast avenues for exploring the relevance of our charism for our world.   We are being lead to a new understanding of the meaning of our universe, and to the discovery of new ways of relating to God, to others and to the whole of creation as we discover the oneness and interconnectedness of all that exists. What are the implications of all this for the way we live our charism today? Perhaps in the future we will not speak so much of uniting and reconciling that which is separated, but of entering into a relationship with the world which recognises, respects and honours our universe as one Holy Union, proclaiming it with our lives.

The treasures hidden in our charism will continue to unfold for us as we live the Incarnation in the context of our concrete human reality. New world situations will challenge us to find new ways of incarnating Christ, and, who knows what new dimensions of this grace will be birthed in us? The Holy Spirit bestows His gifts at unexpected times and in surprising ways. 

Inés Maria Gutiérrez
Excerpts from an essay by Inés Maria Gutiérrez, SUSC 
July 2012


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