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On 24th February this year, ten La Sainte Union Sisters, which included sisters who had lived and worked there, were privileged to be present at a very meaningful celebration of LSU presence of one hundred years in Herne Bay prepared by the Past Pupils Association. It was a ‘Service of Dedication’ of the mosaic donated by the past pupils of the Convent school in thanksgiving for the 100 years the Sisters had given to Catholic education in Herne Bay.

Such an expression of love and fidelity to LSU after all these years was deeply touching.

We were impressed and inspired by the Mass prepared by Clotilde (Chloe) and her friends. Their first bidding prayer expressed the affection they still hold for the Sisters:-

‘Heavenly Father, we give you thanks and praise for the 100 years the Sisters of La Sainte Union worked in Herne Bay and the wonderful legacy they left both in the school itself and in the lives of so many pupils who were given such a valuable start in life: ‘




It was an added bonus that Fr Mark White CP, who has known LSU for many years, (since his time in Highgate), should be the presiding celebrant. After Mass Fr Mark blessed the brass plaque which was presented to the Sisters by the parishioners in 1988
honouring their years of service to Education in Herne Bay.

The plaque had hung in the convent chapel until the convent closed and has now been transferred to the nave of the Church.

At the end of the liturgy Clotilde, the President of the Past Pupils Association, took us down ‘memory lane’ with a rich, well researched and entertaining history of the school, laced with humorous and affectionate anecdotes of the Sisters who had taught in the school over the years. The detail revealed the love and respect they had for the Sisters – and reminded us that not much went unnoticed by our students!!!

Outside the church Fr Mark blessed the beautiful mosaic plaque which had been specially commissioned by the Past Pupils Association and created and realised by Rob Turner and Jo Dyer.

The mosaic has been implanted in the paving at the entrance to the Church. Alongside is a similar mosaic that was placed there on the occasion of the closing of St Philip Howard primary school which functioned from 1977 to 2013.

After the liturgy we gathered in the parish social centre for refreshments. Here we were in no doubt that the spirit of LSU was very much present, alive and well amongst the women. Together they reconnected, told their stories, and reminisced about 'the good old days’, with photo’s and albumns in abundance, as well as school ties and various other mementos of those happy days. We were so pleased to be part of such a significant event in the life of LSU in Herne Bay.

We left Herne Bay confident that our charism of union was definitely at work in the world through our past pupils. Equally we were proud to remember and honour the many sisters who had so faithfully served in Herne Bay. The legacy they had left in the hearts of the women we met that day was obvious and tangible. It was a tribute to the Sister’s faithfulness and understanding of the Constitutions they lived out each day:-

Art 59 We are called to an active presence in and collaboration with the local Church. Sharing
with other ministers in the mission of evangelization, we keep ourselves informed of
pastoral directives, participate in apostolic works, and promote lay leadership.

55.1 We encourage in those we educate an awareness of the good in our world, a critical
judgment, a sense of responsibility and service, and a commitment to peace and justice. 










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