Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation

Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation

Holy Union Sisters and UNANIMA International

As Holy Union Sisters, our desire for union impels us to collaborate with others. As members of the Non-Governmental Organization, UNANIMA International,  we work at  the United Nations with other congregations of religious women to bring about systemic change. 


We work on behalf of:

Women and children in conditions of poverty
Immigrants and refugees
Welfare of the planet.

We act together

To bring the expertise of our members to the United Nations.
To join with other NGOs in promoting programmes and policies that seek the economic and social advancement of all peoples.
To educate our members about the programmes and activities of the United Nations.
To assist our members to collaborate with the work of the United Nations in their home countries.

Sister Mary Jean Audette, SUSC, a member of the United States Mission Area, serves as the appointed representative of Holy Union Sisters worldwide on UNANIMA International Board of Directors. She, along with other board members, helps to determine the policies and activities of the coalition.  In particular, as a Board member she is responsible to insure that the mission of the coalition is known to congregation members, i.e., “To work for peace and human dignity in response to the needs of our world ...”

As a result, an integral part of her role is to liaise between the Holy Union Sisters and the coalition particularly in relation to:


 - Educating and communicating UNANIMA news and experiences     
 - Encouraging congregation members to actively participate in UN activities 
 - Developing an awareness of issues, locally and globally
 - Insuring that grassroots issues are communicated to UNANIMA for its work at the UN
 - Seeing UNANIMA International as did Saint John Paul II when he said in 1995 that NGOs are the “conscience of the United Nations” 



UNANIMA International’s offices are located near the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, USA.

To learn more about the work of UNANIMA, visit www.unanima-international.org



  • Holy Union Sisters and UNANIMA International
  • Holy Union Sisters and UNANIMA International

Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation

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